Photocopier Sales

Lease Copiers from Faxcomm Solutions PL.

We offer range of photocopier leasing packages, helping to keep your businesses copying. We understand that no business is the same, so we’ve designed a series of solutions which are tailored towards both SMEs and large organisations with sizeable work forces.

Buying Photocopiers Outright

Apart from Renting and Leasing options we can just sell you a MFC Photocopier outright with a long 3 years warranty as standard.  This way you are not stuck on a long Service Contract arrangement.

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Why lease a photocopier from us?

Leasing can be more cost-effective option than photocopier purchase over a period of a few years – and this applies to packages for photocopiers, as well as the fax machines, scanners, printers and integrated machines we also provide.  Leasing will save you the whole up front cost of your equipment and also offers you tax advantages.

Easy to make the switch

If you are already tied into a lease with another supplier, we can still save you money if you make the switch. Typically we are able to take over a lease with the minimum of hassle for you and slash your overheads as a result.

We can provide you with a free, no obligation quote on the spot, leaving you to weigh up the benefits of photocopier hire with us.

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Benefits of photocopier Renting or Leasing


Minimal Cash Outlay

If you are a savvy business owner, you might subscribe to the theory that money is best in your bank. That’s why keeping initial cash outlays to a minimum makes so much sense for our customers.

budget bust

Budget Busting

By spreading your costs over a longer period, not only can you stay within budget by avoiding a massive outlay, you can also make sure that you acquire the best equipment for the job.


Future Proof Photocopier

Our clients have the benefit of the latest photocopier technology, so by leasing from us you don’t have to worry about equipment being rendered obsolete – simply change an outdated unit for a new photocopier when you wish to.